CEO & Co-Founder

Donovan Melero has a hard time saying no to a challenge. He’s pushed several bands to success and launched several business, all while maintaining an active roster of touring bands as a musical agent. One thing that he’s always wanted to do but has never found the right time for has been to start a label. Not just a label to put out music and help bands along their career, but one that can create a community and family that extends beyond the bands and label personnel. One that fans and listeners feel connected to beyond the music that they put out. Something that he remembers from his childhood. Because of that, kill iconic was born. With the birth of the label, Donovan gathered the four likeminded and talented individuals that make up the rest of the kill iconic records team. Donny and the rest of the team are excited to welcome you to the kill iconic family.



President & Co-Founder

If you know Sinjin, you can probably expect a daily call to catch up or say hi. Thats same friendly mentality is exactly how Sinjin has found success as an artist manager and tour manager. It’s also what led him to be a perfect piece of the kill iconic records team. You can find Sinjin talking real trash to everyone about the NBA, regardless of their affiliation or even knowledge of the game, or enjoying the outdoors.



Director Of Operations

If Joe isn’t at his desk producing and composing music or on tour with Ice Nine kills, you can find him sampling the worlds best bread in an effort to find the perfect slice of toast, fantasizing about driving an F1 car, or forcing his music taste upon all of his friends. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Joe finds the most energy out of watching his friends succeed at his shared passion with them- music. Joe is also a vocal advocate for animal rights and the climate, a podcast host, and can make a damn good cup of tea.



Iconic Media & Marketing Director

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Matt Klein has been working for years in several different fields such as Marketing/Advertising, Graphic Design, Live Event Production, Audio Engineering, Session Drumming, and playing drums in his bands DAMN NATION and Wake Up Hate. In his free time, you can find him writing music, watching videos of sloths, and road tripping around New England. You can find Matt’s Socials by searching @MattKleinDrums



Creative Director & Iconic Media

Colombian native in Washington, DC living passionately via the arts. Find me instilling change through the magic that is music or reflecting society through a scope of a lens; I aim to create and build. I, we all have a voice. (Drummer @Body Thief, Producer @Inbox33, CEO of @Sevvyfilms | @Sevvyfoto)